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    BACH (MENUHIN)   [LP m/m] suite n.3 in re maggiore bwv 1068 / suite no.4 in re maggiore bwv 1069   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (MUNCHINGER)   [2LP ex/m] mass in b minor (2lp boxset +20-page booklet)   18.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (MURRAY)   [CD m/m] toccata and fugue d minor, bwv 565 / concerto no.2 in a minor, bwv 593 / prelude and fugue in b minor, bwv 544 / prelude and fugue in d major, bwv 532   13.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (MUSICA ALTA RIPA / NOVA STRAVAGANZA)   [CD m/m] js bach per audiofili: concerto bwv 1065 for 4 harpsichords and strings / concerto bwv 1043 for 2 violins. strings and b.c. / concerto bwv 1050a for harpsichord, flute, violin and strings /ouverture (n.4) bwv 1069a for 3oboes, bassoon, 2 vio   7.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (MUTTER / ACCARDO)   [CD m/m] concerto per violino e orchestra in la minore, bwv 1041 / concerto per violino e orchestra in mi maggiore, bwv 1042 / concerto per due violini e orchestra in re minore, bwv 1045   7.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (NEUMANN)   [LP m/m] concerto no.6 in f major for harpsichord and orchestra bwv 1057 / concerto no.5 in f minor for harpsichord and orchestra bwv 1056 / concerto no.7 in g minor for harpsichord and orchestra bwv 1058   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (NEWMAN)   [CD m/m] capolavori per organo: fuga in sol maggiore, bwv 577 / fuga in sol minore, bwv 578 / fuga in mi minore, bwv 548 / fuga in sol minore, bwv 542 / fuga in re maggiore, bwv 532 / toccata in do maggiore, bwv 564 / "gesù rimane la mia gioia"   8.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (NICOLET / RICHTER)   [CD m/m] floten-sonaten   12.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (OISTRACH / GOOSSENS)   [LP m/m] konzert fur violine, streicher und continuo nr.1 a-moll bwv 1041 / konzert fur violine, streicher und continuo nr.2 e-dur bwv 1042 / konzert fur 2 violinen, streicher und continuo nr.1 d-moll bwv 1043   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (ORIZIO)   [CD m/m] suite n.2 in si minore bwv 1067 / concerto in fa minore per cembalo, archi e basso continuo bwv 1056 / concerto in la minore per clavicembalo, flauto, violino, archi e basso continuo bwv 1044 / concerto brandenburghese n.5 in re maggiore pe   12.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (ORMANDY)   [10" ex/ex] a bach program   8.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (PAILLARD)   [CD m/m] orchestral suites 1 & 2: orchestral suite no.3 in c major, bwv 1066 / orchestral suite no.2 in b minor, bwv 1067   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (PAILLARD)   [CD m/m] orchestral suites 3 & 4: orchestral suite no.3 in d major, bwv 1068 / orchestral suite no.4 in d major, bwv 1069 / suite in g minor, bwv 1070   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (PARROTT)   [CD m/m] cantate: bwv 82 / bwv 202   13.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (PERAHIA)   [CD m/m] english suites nos. 1, 3 & 6   13.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (POLLINI)   [2CD m/m] the well tempered clavier, book I   15.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (PRESTON)   [14CD box m/m] the organ works   35.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RAMPAL / PINNOCK / PIDOUX)   [2CD m/m] sonatas for flute: sonata bwv 1030 / sonata bwv 1033 / sonata bwv 1034 / partita bwv 1033 / sonata bwv 1031 / sonata bwv 1032 / sonata bwv 1035 / sonata bwv 1020   13.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER / FISCHER-DIESKAU)   [CD m/m] kantaten: ich will den kreuzstab gerne tragen bwv 56 / christ lag in todesbanden bwv 4 / ich habe genug bwv 82   8.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [10" m/m] bach organ recital   15.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [2CD m/ex] johannes-passion   8.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [3LP m/m] karacsonyi oratorium (3lp boxset +16-page booklet)   18.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [CD m/m] cembalokonzerte: cembalokonzert e-dur bmw 1053 / cembalokonzert d-dur bmw 1054 / cembalokonzert a-dur bmw 1055 / cembalokonzert g-moll bmw 1058 / konzert fur 2 cembali c-moll bmw 1060   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [CD m/m] suite inglese n.3 in sol minore / suite inglese n.4 in fa maggiore / suite francese n.2 in do minore   5.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [CD m/m] toccata and fugue d minor bwv 565 / fantasia and fugue in g minor bwv 542 / organ concerto no.4 in c major bwv 595 / toccata and fugue in d minor bwv 538 "dorian" / chorale preludes / organ concerto no.2 in a minor bwv 593   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [LP ex/m] toccata und fuge d-moll bwv 565 / triosonate nr.2 c-moll bwv 526 / präludium und fuge d-dur bwv 535 / fantasie und fuge g-moll bwv 542   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RICHTER)   [LP m/m] orgel werks vol.2   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RILLING)   [2CD m/m] mass in b minor bwv 232   15.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RILLING)   [2CD m/m] st. john passion bwv 245   15.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RILLING)   [3CD m/m] st. matthew passion bwv 244   18.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (ROGG)   [LP m/m] organ works - volume 3   12.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (ROSS)   [CD m/m] italian concerto in f major, bwv 971 / chromatic fantasia and fugue in d minor, bwv 903 / overture (partita) in the french style in b minor, bwv 831 / 4 duette   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (ROUSSET)   [CD m/m] goldberg variations   13.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RUBSAM)   [CD m/m] organ chorales from the leipzig manuscript vol.2   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RUBSAM)   [CD m/m] the art of fugue vol.1   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RUBSAM)   [CD m/m] the art of fugue vol.2   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (RUZICKOVA / NEUMANN)   [LP ex/m] harpsichord concertos nos.III and IV   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (SCHAFER / MUSICA ANTIQUA KOLN / GOEBEL)   [CD book m/m] hochzeitskantaten - wedding cantatas   14.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (SCHIFF)   [CD m/m] klavierwerke: italienisches konzert f-dur bwv 971 / vier duette bwv 802-805 / chromatische fantasie und fuge d-moll bwv 903 / franzosische ouverture h-moll bwv 831   5.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (SCHNEIDER)   [LP m/m] toccata dorica, bwv 538 / preludio e fuga tripla in mi bemole maggiore, bwv 552 / sonata in sol maggiore, bwv 530 / passacaglia in do minore, bwv 582 (textured sleeve)   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (SCHREIER)   [CD m/m] weltliche kantaten bwv 206-215   5.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (SCHWEITZER)   [LP vg/m] bach organ music vol.I   12.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (TACHEZI)   [CD m/m] die kunst der fuge   12.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (TOMADIN)   [2CD m/m] leipziger chorale bwv 651-667   7.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (UGHI)   [CD m/m] partita no.2 in d minornbwv1004 for solo violin / partita no.3 in e major bwv 1006 for solo violin / sonata no.2 in a minor bwv 1003 for solo violin   5.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (VAN ASPEREN)   [CD s/s] lessons with bach   18.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (VAN DAEL / VAN ASPEREN)   [CD m/m] sonatas for violin and harpsichord (volume 1): sonata no.1 in b minor bwv 1014 / sonata no.2 in a major bwv 1015 / sonata no.3 in e major bwv 1016 / sonata no.4 in c minor bwv 1017   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (VAN DAEL / VAN ASPEREN)   [CD m/m] sonatas for violin and harpsichord (volume 2): sonata no.5 in f minor bwv 1018 / sonata no.6 in g major bwv 1019 / sonata no.6 in g major bwv 1016 (alternative movements)   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (VV.AA.)   [10CD box m/m] century maestros: brandeburg concerto no.1 / brandeburg concerto no.2 / brandeburg concerto no.3 / brandeburg concerto no.5 / brandeburg concerto no.6 / double concert for two violins / fantasia & fugue in g minor bwv 542 / fuge / gavo   10.00EUR  Buy Now 
    BACH (VV.AA.)   [CD m/m] the best of bach   4.00EUR  Buy Now 
Displaying 101 to 150 (of 2986 titles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 

[CD m/m] symphonie nr.3 c-moll op.78 "orgel-symphonie" / der zauberlehrling scherzo nach einer ballade von goethe

[LP ex/m] concerto for piano and orchestra "the yellow river" / piano concerto no.21 in c major k.467

[LP ex/m] le sacre du printemps

[CD m/m] pavarotti & friends

[CD m/m] symphonie fantastique / les préludes

CD m/m] konzert.ouverture zu Shakespeares "ein sommernachtstraum" op.21 / symphonie no.3 a-moll op.56 " schottische"

[CD m/m] ein deutsches requiem op.45

[CD m/m] piano concerto no.2 in b flat major, op.83

[CD m/ex] symphony no.5 in c minor, op.67 / symphony no.6 ain f major, op.68

[CD m/m] an olde english christmas

[CD m/m] symphony no.6 "pathétique" / francesca da rimini

[CD m/ex] morike lieder
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